Solar Presentation at the Chatsworth School

On Friday, March 6th, our president and CEO, Colette Hayward, met with the ‘Students Learning Innovating and Mending the Environment’ Club at the Chatsworth School of Reisterstown, MD. Lizl, the newest addition to our MSSI team, worked with Colette to create a presentation for the eager students, and coordinated the presentation with their teacher. In addition, Colette brought a small solar panel, and another learning tool to help the students have some hands-on learning.

The students were interested in learning about solar panels, how they worked, how they were made, and the benefits of going solar. They also inquired on where we do our work, why we do our work, and how long we have done our work.

We are happy to have eager young minds interested in solar and green energy, and hope that we can continue to encourage anyone hoping to learn about solar!